Anabel Ciliberti- A trip into the discovery of the being, trough the third dimension. of the world, substance, time, body and space.


Anabel Ciliberti was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on the 21st June of 1988. From a Dominican mother and Italian Father.

Anabel is a visual artist, photographer, painter, writer and editor, movie director, and performer.

She spends most of her life in Italy, in Lecco. At the age of 14, she moves to Cape Town, South Africa. Where she will graduate from St.Cyprian’s high school, with top marks and a Distinction, in 2006. At the end of her gap year, she decides to apply to the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, where she gets in and follows her first year of Painting Course. Afterwards, she re-establishes herself in the north of Italy, where she will carry on studying Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan, in Brera, after studying a propaedeutic course.
After four years of the Academy of fine arts in Venice, she moves back to Brera’s Academy and graduated in 2012 with top marks in the Painting school of Prof. Stefano Pizzi in Visual Arts.

At the moment she is doing her post-graduation degree in Visual Arts, at the Academy of Brera, Milan, and lives in Lecco.

She continues to write and follow her artistic research with great determination and passion.

Exhibitions and events:

2007: Cape Town. "Locking the past" one of her pieces was chosen amongst the bests in all high schools, of the last year’s students, at a National level.
2008: Sesto Fiorentino ( Florence). ‘Donnadarte’ Contemporary Art Exhibition.
2008 and 2010: Novara. exhibited twice at the photographic contest of
‘Francesco Bertozzi’.
2009: Seregno ( Milan ) . solo exhibition, accompanied by an evening of Poetry.
2010: Milan. Contemporary Art Exhibition called ‘Autoritratti in Viaggio.
2010: 21st of November. Milan. She planned a Happening at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera where her first public performance took place called ‘Space, squared, heart’.
2010: Milan. she planned a second happening in Duomo Square. with the students of Brera. it was a pacifist exhibition during the time of the student protests.
2011: Milan. Exhibition ‘ Da Verso’, readings and interactions between poems and visual arts. At the ‘centro Arrivi’. The night of the opening art performance called ‘Love poems for Kamikaze girls’.
2011: Sartirana Lomellina ( Pavia) Exhibition with other Art students of Brera in a collective, on the theme of Water.
2011: Milan. Collective Exhibition called ‘The drawings of war’. at the CIRCOLOQUADRO. The night of the opening one of her art performances took place, called ‘ Interior Conflict’. in collaboration with Francesco Pariset.
2011: Inside the Academy of fine arts of Milan, she was head of her Project called ‘Naked Theatre’, as director, playwriter, and actress. this project involved different students coming from different artistic and cultural backgrounds.
2012: Milan. Collective Exhibition ‘Da Verso’ in the Library Valvassori Peroni.
2012: Venice. Art-performance “La muerte del primero amor” on the island of San Servolo. In a section of the academy of fine arts.
2013:Venice.June.Art-performance “On being nude”, in the Academy of Fine Arts.
2013:Venice.July.Art-performance “ Deuxième été a Venise” (poetry, acting, and piano) during a poetry event, in the exhibition space “Casa Punto Croce”.
2014: During the Carnival period: Art-performance " Il dolce far niente" con Fondazione Malutta.
2014: 21st June, during Venice Art Night, Art-Perfomance " The interior life" @ Ikona Gallery of Venice.
2014: 3rd of September, projection of the long-length movie
" Dans Les Bans".2014 as a collateral event, during the 71st Venice Film Festival. inside "Club 7". Venice Tennis Club.
2015: From 23 April until 22nd of May. Projection of film "Dans les bans", inside the collective exhibition "Contents in Continents". Mestre (VE)
2020: Online Exhibition ‘Autoritratti ai tempi del COVID’ with the Academy of Brera, Milan
2021: Wins third “The Eleanor Worthington Prize on Art and Disability” with the short film “Ecdisi”
2022: Online Exhibition “Guerra alla guerra” with the Academy of Brera, Milan

Short films :

2008: "La notte del carillon"
2012: "Let me out"
2013: "La Soledad"
"If you go away"
2020:” Ecdisi “
2021: “I’m light” ( Thesis project )


2012: "La muerte del primero amor"
2014: "La vita interiore"
"Dans les bans"


Various articles published on the webzine “Anima Mediatica”

2022: The book “L’anima che esce dall’oscurità” (The soul coming out of darkness), gets published in Italian, by ‘Albatros’, an Italian Publishing Company.

YouTube channel: